Result: MEM 82 SAS 111

The Grizzlies came out HOT to start the first quarter. Their offense was generate by quick cut, attacking the paint, a beautiful kick out passes for open threes. Conley started 3-3 from the field and Gasol started 5-6.  After leading with a 26-13 lead, the lead diminished due to offensive blunders and the Spurs’ offense started clicking to end the 1st quarter at 30-25.

The second quarter showed us more of the same action, with the first six minutes having back and forth lead changes and ties with the Grizzlies only keeping 2-4 point lead for the first half of the quarter. Throughout the first half, the Grizzlies’ didn’t have an answer for Kawhi Leonard. Getting his offense started with efficient inside shots and spot on passes, Kawhi sparked the Spurs on seemingly every run they went on as San Antonio kept bombarding open jump shots in the corner. Luckily, Marc Gasol came to play tonight. Finishing with a franchise playoff record of 25pts in the first half, Gasol kept the Grizzlies’ from being out of reach and closed out the half down 49-52.

First Half StatsScreenshot_2017-04-15-20-12-32-1.png

This is the point where the story goes south. After the half, the “APOPalypse” began. Just like my really bad pun, the Grizzlies’ played a really bad third quarter, something fans are all too familiar with this season as Memphis has given up numerous games by being outscored in the third period. The Spurs’ Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green defensively stopped the Memphis offense at numerous points in this quarter. This defense sparked the traditional Spurs offense of ball movement and unselfish play, letting them get open jump shots that culminated to Memphis being down at the end of the third, 64-84.

Since nothing came to fruition early in the fourth, Fizdale decided to save our fight and energy for another day. Bench players were subbed in for starters and the Grizzlies’ cruised for the rest of the game for an 82-111 loss. The Spurs ended the last three quarters outscoring Memphis by 34.

Final Team StatsScreenshot_2017-04-15-21-37-35-1.png

The Good:

Marc Gasol finished with 32 points in 33 minutes on 11/18 FG, 3/3 3PT. Despite a poor game, the first quarter couldn’t have gone better with ball movement and attacking the paint.

The Bad:

After the first quarter the Grizzlies’ collapsed on both ends. Conley finished 2/11 from the field after a hot 3/3 start. Nothing could get started on offense as multiple fast breaks were stopped by the Spurs, leading to 39.2% shooting by Memphis.

The Ugly:

The third quarter.

Notable Stats:

Marc Gasol: 32pts, 5reb, 2ast, 2blk (11-18 shooting)

Mike Conley: 13pts, 5reb, 7ast, 3stl, 1blk (5-14 shooting)

Zach Randolph: 6pts, 3reb, 1ast (3-13 shooting)

Kawhi Leonard: 32pts, 3reb, 5ast, 2stl (11-14 shooting)

Lamarcus Aldridge: 20pts, 6reb, 2ast (8-18 shooting)


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