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The Grizzlies don’t currently have any picks in the NBA draft, but it’s always possible that they could make a move to get into the draft somewhere. This article is focused on possible players that the Grizzlies could acquire. Here are 10 possible players for the Grizzlies to get either by a trade or an undrafted free agent signing.

PG Edmond Sumner 6-5, 170 Lb, College-Xavier  GIF

He was a productive player in his time at Xavier, but he also dealt with some injury issues as he played 59 games in three seasons and tore his ACL this past season. He averaged 11.3 points per game and 3.8 assists during his college career but he struggled to shoot the three ball — as he was just 28.5% from deep over his collegiate career. Him weighing only 170 pounds is concerning, but his 6’5 stature will help negate some of the problems with that. If he’s gonna reach his full potential he will need to hit the weight room hard and get stronger so he can battle against the more physical guards.  He is a possible late 2nd round draft pick, but if he goes undrafted he is someone I’d like Grizzlies to take a look at because I feel he can run a offense well and he could possibly develop into a solid NBA backup in this league.

PG Frank Mason 5-11, 185 Lbs, College-Kansas  GIF

Frank Mason came into Kansas as a 3 star freshman who was never supposed to become the star he was in his senior season. The Jayhawks’ point guard issues when he was an underclassman led to him getting some playing time, which really helped him in the long run. He averaged 13 points and 4 assists per game over his career, but over 20 and 5 in his award winning senior season. He plays tough and is good on both sides of the ball. He is a very good defender and can score in a variety of ways as well as help give his teammates open looks. He shot 42% from three in college, and he could get to the rim as will it seemed. Teams had no answer for his great play his senior season as he dominated the competition day in and day out. He led the Jayhawks to a 1 seed in the tournament – which ended with them losing to the Oregon Ducks in the Elite 8. Frank Mason is a tough worker and I think that’s why he will get drafted, but if the opportunity presents itself for Memphis to get this guy on their team I sure hope they take advantage because he is a great player and he works as hard as he can each and every day.

PG Tyler Dorsey 6-4, 180 Lbs, College-Oregon  GIF

Tyler Dorsey made some huge plays in his time at Oregon while averaging 14.1 points per game over his two seasons in college. He was a star of March Madness this past season leading the Ducks to a Final Four appearance; he made many big three pointers in that stretch including a few in the game vs 11th seeded Rhode Island in the second round and a couple more in the upset over the first seeded Jayhawks in the Elite 8 as well. I think he is too skilled to to go undrafted, but if somehow he does the Grizzlies shouldn’t hesitate to pick him up. He was a star in college and he has the potential to do the same in the pros I believe.

SG Nigel Willams-Goss 6-3 185 Lbs, College-Washington and Gonzaga  GIF

He was an all around stud during college as he averaged 15 points, 5 rebounds, and 5 assists per game through this three year collegiate career. He isn’t the most flashy player, but he gets the job done and that’s why I would love to have him in Memphis. I think he could become a solid player professionally and have a chance to be in the rotation his rookie season. He seems to be borderline on whether he will get drafted or not but I feel there is a chance that he won’t get selected on draft night. Most undrafted guys go to the D-League but I think he could be ready right off the bat to make the team and potentially be a third guard off the bench.

SG Sindarius Thornwell 6-5 215 Lbs, College-South Carolina  GIF

Sindarius was a good player throughout his time at SC and he really broke onto the scene his senior season as he became a star. He averaged 21 points, 7 rebounds, and 3 assists per game his senior season which ended with a final four birth. He was the best player during a Cinderella run from the 7th seeded Gamecocks which included a upset over the 2nd seeded Duke Blue Devils. His play during his senior season was probably way too good to keep himself from getting drafted, but I think it’s possible that he sneaks into the first round. Even if he drops into the later part of the draft, I would be okay with the Grizzlies making a move to get a second round pick to select him because I don’t see anyway that he goes undrafted. I think he would fit very well in Memphis as he is a tough defender and also a good scorer. He could help out right away at the wing spot and with the future of Tony Allen and Vince Carter in question, he would be a great pick up.

SF Kris Jenkins 6-6 240 Lbs, College-Villanova  GIF

Kris was mainly a three point shooter in college as he shot more than twice as many threes than twos in his time in college. He averaged 9.5 points a game over his four seasons and averaged 13.1 points a game his senior season. He shot 37.3% from deep and over 83% from the free throw line. He is mostly known because of his game winning three in the national title game his junior season, but he was much more than that as he was a consistently reliable player. He shot over 6.5 threes per game each of his final two seasons in college. Being a bigger guy for his height, if he continues shooting well he should be able to find a spot in the league. I think he would be a nice addition to the Grizzlies; he can shoot the ball very well and he has the toughness that is needed to be a part of this team. I think he is a guy who could go undrafted and if he does then look for the Grizzlies to make him an offer as a free agent.

SF OG Anunoby 6-8 215 Lbs, College-Indiana  GIF

OG was a very versatile player during his two seasons in college and he has a lot of potential. He is a lengthy guy who should be at least a very good defender for a long time. OG averaged 11 points and 5 boards his final season at Indiana, but only shot 31% from deep after he shot 45% his freshman season. Anunoby will need to be able to become a better free throw shooter as well as he shot just 52% in college. He has a lot of potential but due to his offensive struggles, I would expect him to be a guy who spends a good amount of time in the D-League. He could be a good wing defender for the Grizzlies, but he as a lot of offensive struggles. If he can improve offensively he is a guy who could help out an NBA team for a long time.

PF DJ Wilson 6-9 220 Lbs, College-Michigan  GIF

DJ is a very skilled big who can stretch the floor and had a very good season including multiple big games in the postseason. Averaging 11 points and 5 rebounds a game this season, he shot 54% from the field which includes 37% from deep. Him stepping up his game late in the season was one of the big reasons that Michigan basketball got hot and made a good run into March. He has the potential to be a good stretch forward at the next level and I think he will do that. Wilson could get drafted due to his skill set, but if he drops out and doesn’t get drafted I think he could be a nice player for Memphis. He could be a nice rotation player even next season due to being able to stretch the floor for a big which is so crucial in today’s game.

PF Nigel Hayes 6-8 235 Lbs, College-Wisconsin  GIF

Nigel Hayes was a consistent player all four years in his collegiate career. He was anall around player as he averaged 12.4 points, 5 rebounds, and 2 assists over his 150 games in college. Hayes developed a solid three point shot as he was a 33% shooter and also shot over 70% from the FT line his sophomore and junior seasons, but this dropped back down to 58% his senior season. He is a undersized forward but in today’s game I think he will be fine and able to become a solid rotational player. I think it’s very possible he goes undrafted and I hope the grizzlies would strongly consider at least signing him to the summer league roster to give him a chance to show what he can do.

PF Alec Peters 6-9 225 Lbs, College-Valparaiso  GIF

Alec was a dominant player on the small college level and had a huge senior season averaging 23 points and 10 boards a game in his final season. He was a very efficient shooter as he shot 54% from the field, 42% from deep and 85% from the free throw line. Peters is a very good offensive player but I also feel he is good enough on the defensive end that he will be able to be an effective player on both ends of the floor. I think he will start as a possible backup forward but his ability to score the ball should give him a chance to get good minutes right about the bat. I think he could get selected in the second round but if he goes undrafted, I think Memphis would give him a shot.


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