Matthew Starnes | @MatthewHStarnes

During the Grizzlies’ tenure in Memphis, they have had some awesome jerseys. In the beginning, our colors transferred from Vancouver, but throughout the years Memphis has added multiple styles to their collection, each with its own story. For this list we will give you our top 10 throughout the Grizzlies’ time in Memphis and then let you rummage through the internet to buy a jersey of your own!

10. Tams (2012)

1327658672_extras_albumes_1.jpgHonestly, I love these, but if the shorts and jersey were not separate colors, they would not be considered one of the ugliest jerseys that have graced an NBA court. These jerseys were worn during the BLANK season in honor of the old Memphis Tams (the name after Memphis Pros but before the Sounds). Who knows, if the Grizzlies decide to add advertisement patches, they could bring this back an add John Deere instantly.

9. Current Away (2004-Present)

zach randolph 50 blue jerseyThe navy blue is a classic that will always look good in Memphis no matter what. These are considered one of the original styles, especially after changing from the color scheme that came over from Vancouver.

8. Christmas (2016-2017)

thumbUnfortunately, the Grizzlies’ have never played on Christmas, so these jerseys were never officially worn. However, Adidas did produce at least one player for each team and Zach Randolph was given that honor for Memphis. This jersey has our unique light blue color and is complemented with cursive navy lettering. Let’s hope that next year we will be able to see our players representing these Christmas Day!

7. Current Home (2004-Present)

the-memphis-grizzlies-have-fought-the-nbas-biggest-change-for-6-years-and-its-finally-catching-up-to-them.jpgLike every team in the NBA, Memphis white jersey is pretty much standard with its secondary colors and lettering being the main difference between teams. The navy, gold, and light blue plays perfectly off the bright white of the jersey which helps direct eyes towards Grizzlies in our signature font on the front.

6. Classic Home (2001-2004)

Even though I am a fan of the new color scheme since it is more relatable to Memphis, something about the classic colors just makes this jersey so appealing. This is actually one of the hardest classic Grizzlies jerseys to find on the internet, so if you have one, consider yourself lucky!


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