The Memphis Grizzlies will be participating in Las Vegas for the 2017 Summer League and the schedule was recently announced. Listed below is the current schedule and times:

  • July 8 – 3 p.m. Washington vs Memphis (ESPNU)
  • July 9 – 9 p.m. Memphis vs Sacramento (NBA TV)
  • July 11 – 3:30 p.m. Utah vs Memphis (ESPNU)

(All times listed are Central Standard Time)

After the first three games, the rest of the schedule is determined off seeding:

  • July 12 – Seeds 9-24 play one another
  • July 13 – Seeds 1-8 play winners of previous days games
  • July 14 – Losers from 12th and 13th play one another
  • July 15 – Quarterfinals
  • July 16 – Semifinals
  • July 17 – Championship

As of June 17th, the current roster consist of Wade Baldwin, Wayne Selden, Rade Zagorac, Jarell Martin, and Deyonta Davis as confirmed by GM Chris Wallace back in April.


Matthew Starnes | @MatthewHStarnes


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