With limited amount of cap space to use and a roster that needs to be filled out, the Grizzlies need to find targets that have experience to make a difference on the team, but also don’t break the bank since the team is on thin ice with their books. This is our list of five cheap point guards that the Grizzlies should look into this offseason.

Trey Burke
(Photo: Jay LaPrete | AP Images)

Trey Burke (24, RFA)

Career Averages: 10.6 points/3.6 assists/2.1 rebounds

Shooting Splits: 39/34/81 (FG%/3P%/FT%)

Contract: Earned 3.4 million for 2016-17

Despite being a restricted free agent, it is unlikely that the Wizards would match any offer sheet directed his way, with the way Brandon Jennings played for them last season and the recent addition of Tim Frazier leave little room for Burke. He was a very solid player in Utah before coming to Washington, but his decreased role over the past couple of years might have decreased his value enough for the Grizzlies to get.

He has mainly been a shooter while on the court, but has been trusted to run the floor multiple points throughout his career. Even though his career shooting averages are low, they have increased over his tenure as his shot selection has become smarter.

In the Grizzlies system, he could provide a perfect bench role for the Grizzlies, giving them another offensive threat of the bench that is desperately needed. Defensively, he has the athleticism to be above average, but it is something Memphis could help develop. Him being 24 years old could also make this a smart move for the long term future depending on how this venture would go.


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